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 We share the ins and outs of our daily lives and 

how we implement positivity and gratitude

 in all the daily decisions we make.

We teach you how to harness your true power 

and how to shift into a purpose-filled life.



This is YOUR year - and it is time to fill yourself up with experiences that make you feel good - with people who will inspire, uplift, and support you along the way.



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Step Into The Fullness of Your Life

When we started For The Good, it began with a simple idea. We recognized that there was so much attention being focused on the negativity in the world. Whether you turned on the news, scrolled through social media, or talked to people around you, there has been a negative shift that has taken over. So we decided to combat that by taking a stance for the positive.

Now that we have been traveling this road we have discovered so much more about ourselves. We have opened up and shared our struggles, triumphs and passions with all of you. We want to take this road and truly help you all to live the lifestyle we have come to love.

We have such a positive outlook and are able to find the good in almost any situation. We have both worked very hard to get our minds and souls to this point and we believe that we can help you to do the same. It is our belief that we each are filled with something so powerful and unique and that our lives are meant to be filled with passion, love, courage and kindness.

But in order to create a happy-based and positive world, we must start from within. When you make the shift to a positive life you will see your world unfold in a different light. You will attract exactly what you need, at exactly the right time, in order to get you to where you believe you are destined to be.

Whether its health and wellness, wealth or stronger and more happy connections and relationships, or even that dream career you’ve always wanted, you are in full control of how your life will play out. By shifting your mind and attention, you will discover what you’re really made of. So we are going to pledge ourselves to you.

We are going to share the ins and outs of our daily lives and how we implement positivity and true belief in all the daily decisions we make, no matter how big or small. We will teach you how to harness your true power and how to see the world around you in such a refreshing and bright way. There are no shortcuts to true happiness.

In order to live the life you desire, you have to put in the work required. Let us be your guide along this journey. From this point forward you will see how we live our lives. How we use a shifted awareness to train our minds and bodies. How we bring about all the things we desire in our lives. We will share inspirational content that will give you that extra boost and motivation and we will help you along on your journey, no matter where your starting point is.

We believe that a positive mindset is the beginning of true happiness. 

Not just For The Good of the individual, but For The Good of the world. 


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For The Good Wellness Retreat

8am - 3pm

Maybury State Park

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For The Good Wellness Retreat

We are hosting a For The Good Wellness Retreat at Maybury State Park in Northville, Michigan. This one day retreat will provide you with all...

Event Details

8am - 3pm

Maybury State Park

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