About Us


We are Jordan + Ashley, founders of For The Good. We share the same birthday and call Michigan our home.

Our lives are driven to serve people and our community. For The Good was created to share uplifting messages as a means of  filling people up in a deeper, meaningful way. 

After digging in, we've recognized how our mindset impacts the way we live our life - and how we react to what comes our way. Through personal hardships we've experienced , we've learned how important it is to have a strong mindset based on positivity and gratitude. And we've seen how one focused on lack, resentment, and negativity can lead to depression, addiction, and even physical illness in people we love. 

We strive to uplift people through the elevation of mindset - with the understanding that although we don't control what happens to us in life,  we do control how we respond. When you realize the power to overcome anything that comes your way is already within you, you will feel an empowerment like never before. 


What if we could change how we experience our lives? What if we had the power to actually create our lives?

Most of us follow a path that has been laid out by culture, society, our family's expectations, circumstances. And we admire those few who seem to find the strength to rise up and do something different. Break the pattern. Break the mold. They seem to drive their lives instead of letting life drive them,

How do they do it? They're not smarter, better, luckier, or have more advantages. So what makes them different?

Their thoughts.

Does elevating your mindset take some effort? Yes. But far less energy than it takes to keep feeling stuck, discouraged, and powerless.

We strive to create a movement of people who are ready to SHIFT their thoughts to CHANGE their life.


We are currently forming For The Good workshops and events across the country. If you are interested in partnering with us, let's chat. Head to our CONTACT US page to  connect. 

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We appreciate your support in our organization - your contributions will enable us to further our reach in spreading the good & making a difference in the lives of others through workshops and events.

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